Robert Friedland: Celebrating a lifetime of achievement – by Trish Saywell (Northern Miner – April 24, 2017)

Over most of the last two decades, the first voice Peter Meredith would hear at the crack of dawn each morning was Robert Friedland’s. “The phone would ring and he would say: ‘Hi Peter, it’s Robert,’ and I’d think, ‘What a surprise, who else calls me at six in the morning?’”

Meredith, who retired as a partner at auditing firm Deloitte in Vancouver to join Ivanhoe Mines full-time in 1996, says that over the following sixteen years, he was pretty much a seven-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day guy, to keep up with his boss.

“Robert doesn’t take weekends off and he doesn’t like holidays much … He is a very energetic, driven guy—he knows no boundaries as to how hard he works—so the tone from the top is that you feel like a non-contributor when you aren’t working as hard as he is.”

Meredith says the two would confer daily on issues ranging from Ivanhoe’s ongoing discussions with various governments and agencies to overseeing the to-do lists of the company’s key executives and geologists scattered around the globe.

“We needed to collectively make decisions on a number of matters and to determine strategies,” Meredith explains. “This was the part I enjoyed the most, strategizing with Robert. He has an IQ that is off the chart and the flow of conversation was exhilarating.”

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