Mozambique Interested in Botswana Mining Experience (All – April 25, 2017)

Gaberone — Mozambique and Botswana could cooperate in the mining industry, declared President Filipe Nyusi in Gaberone on Tuesday.

Speaking at the opening of a Mozambique-Botswana Business Forum, on the second day of his state visit to Botswana, Nyusi said that Mozambique is interested in such cooperation because Botswana is recognized for mining expertise across the world. The Botswanan diamond mining industry has become the basis of the country’s economy, accounting for around 60 per cent of its exports.

“Mozambique has been discovering mineral resources”, said Nyusi, addressing about 100 business people, 30 of them from Mozambique. “We need to share knowledge to take advantage of our potential throughout the entire value chain, and Botswana has enviable experience”.

In addition to mining, Nyusi stressed the important of the tripartite project between Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana for a new deep water mineral port to Techobanine, south of Maputo. A railway built from scratch will link Botswana’s coal producing region of Selebi-Pikwe to Techobanine via Zimbabwe.

Nyusi admitted that this huge and highly complex project still requires thorough studies, including an environmental impact study, the harmonization of interests between all involved, and the mobilization of finance.

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