“You don’t go start a war to give them jobs” – by Staff (Mining Journal – April 25, 2017)


Former New York mayor and billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg has gone after US coal mining with both barrels this week, and said miners of the black gold need the same support as military veterans.

This week Bloomberg launched a book on the Paris climate agreement, a coal documentary and revealed a US$3 million donation to a programme that supports and retrains miners. In interviews, he said more support was needed for the workers hit by mine closures.

“No matter what [the Trump government] does, we are going toward a world where coal is going to be less-used, where fewer people are going to be working in the industry, and we’ve got to find ways to get jobs for people not just in this industry but in lots of industries around the world being pushed out by technology,” he told the Associated Press.

“A good example is, we have lots of soldiers, veterans. We’ve got to take care of them. We’ve got to find jobs for veterans. But you don’t go start a war to give them jobs. You find things that they can do and that we need in society, and there are ways to do that.”

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