Mining sector shines for province – by Karina Brino (Prince George Citizen – April 24, 2017)

Karina Brino is the president & CEO of the Mining Association of B.C.

Community representatives, First Nation and government leaders, and members of B.C.’s mineral exploration and mining industry are gathered at the Minerals North conference in Prince George this week to discuss important opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

One of the issues on their minds is how the government will support the industry to be globally competitive and able to produce the commodities we all need and use daily, while providing a stable, prosperous and sustainable future for every citizen of British Columbia.

Exploration and mining are an essential part of the economic and social fabric of this province. The industry contributes more than $7.8 billion annually to the provincial economy, which includes 30,000 jobs that supporting families in rural and urban communities.

Today, B.C. has 14 operating mines, over 30 industrial mineral producers and two smelters. In central and northern British Columbia there are currently more than 110 active mineral and coal exploration projects, all contributing to the economic growth and development of our communities.

A strong and vibrant mineral exploration and mining industry is in the interest of all British Columbians. Its annual provincial tax contributions of more than $476 million support social programs, education and health care. As a province rich in minerals, metals and coal, B.C.’s fundamentals are strong and it is very well positioned to take full advantage of its geographic position on Canada’s Pacific coast and access to Asian markets.

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