Australia needs greater mining and METS cohesion (Australian Mining – April 10, 2017)

Australia’s minerals industry and its mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector need to collaborate better for the sake of the nation’s future prosperity, according to Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Chair of the Minerals Council of Australia.

In an interview ahead of her talk at the Austmine 2017: Mining’s Innovation Imperative conference, Dr Guthrie said mining and METS companies were drivers of innovation and investment, provided highly-skilled employment opportunities and generated the bulk of Australia’s export earnings.

“Mining and METS companies already work together on a daily basis to support and reinforce each other’s operational activities,” Dr Guthrie said. “By collaborating and partnering at an industry level we can ensure that mining and METS continue to innovate and grow – and that, in turn, will help secure Australia’s economic prosperity into the future.”

Recent research has shown the mining and METS sectors together generated more than $236 billion in activity — or 15 per cent of Australia’s economy — and supported more than 1.1 million jobs around the country in 2015-16.

Dr Guthrie said Australian living standards depend on the mining industry’s continued international competitiveness and delivering significant export earnings.

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