What the FBI Investigation Into the Trump Campaign Could Mean for Gold – by Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams (United States Gold Bureau – April 5, 2017)


Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a precious metals market expert. He worked as a mining engineer and analyst in Africa and North America and wrote for the Mining Journal, and subsequently managed the publishing company, for over 36 years. Williams shares his unique knowledge of the precious metals industry at the United States Gold Bureau and other outlets.

The price of gold moved sharply upwards in U.S. trading following the recent statement from FBI Director James Comey that the Bureau was investigating possible collusion between the Trump election campaign and the Russian State.

These accusations will not go away even though some of them may well have resulted from ‘sour grapes’ from Clinton supporters following Hillary’s shocking Electoral College defeat. First it was supposedly proven Russia hacked into Democratic party emails – now it appears to be more wide-ranging accusations of overt Russian involvement in trying to swing the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

Continuing growth in the equities markets depends on positive sentiment and on credibility. If the Trump Administration loses this, the markets could dive, especially given many believe equities are already in a bubble. If they do collapse, many commentators feel that the fallout could be worse than in the collapse of 2007-2009.

The FBI investigation is going to be another credibility hurdle for the Trump Administration to add to the various judicial blockings of his travel strictures and delays in generating consensus support for proposals to replace, or water down the Obamacare legislation – one of his key campaign promises. Setbacks in these areas, coupled with some crass handling of the media by Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway, coupled with Donald Trump’s sometimes dubious tweets, will cast doubts on all aspects of the new Administration’s legislative program and the likelihood of it, or at least much of it, being passed into law.

In theory of course, the uncertainties which might lead to a dramatic fall in equities could well drive investors into the ‘safe havens’ of gold and precious metals, but one needs to look back at 2008 and see what a market crash, as we saw then, might actually mean for gold.

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