[Manitoba] Let the diamond rush begin – by Martin Cash (Winnipeg Free Press – March 7, 2017)


Diamonds have been discovered in Manitoba for the first time in the province’s history, ending decades of speculation and opening up the possibility of a resurgence of diamond exploration.

An informal group of prospectors called the Lynx Consortium has found small micro-diamonds — less than one millimetre in diameter — in the Knee Lake region near Oxford House. The discovery comes after a brief flurry of diamond exploration in the province 15 years ago came up empty.

Ruth Bezys, the president of Manitoba Prospectors and Developer Association and the wife of Mark Fedikow, one of the prospectors who found the diamonds, said it is an exciting development.

“They are all geologists and over the years they have been hunting for a diamond play in the Knee Lake region,” she said. “Mark used to work with the Manitoba Geological Survey and he knew the data. There was a diamond rush but it never went anywhere.”

Bezys said what is particularly exciting is that the small diamonds were discovered in the bedrock, not in the loose till that the receding glaciers pushed all over the place. “They found it in the actual rock,” she said. “It is diamond in bedrock. It has not moved. It is there.”

The news comes a week after the annual release of the influential Fraser Institute survey of mining companies, which ranked Manitoba as the second-most-attractive jurisdiction in the world for mining.

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