In Ontario, the taxpayers sustain Wynne’s green energy perpetual motion disaster – by Rex Murphy (National Post – February 25, 2017)

There’s more than a touch of Oprah in our Prime Minister. Substitute town halls for studio audiences and you get a little of the flavour of his recent hopscotch to various venues across the country.

He loves – and why should he not? – being on stage in front of people who (mainly) like or idolize him, and he’s quick, like the great Eminence Herself, on his emotional feet. By far the most affecting moment of his grand tour, interestingly on “the catastrophe and heel” of his (originally) covert stay on the yacht of his buddy the Aga Khan, came in Peterborough, Ont.

There, somewhat in the manner of the Biblical Ruth, a woman “stood in tears” as she recounted to the Prime Minister, whom she both liked and supported, how her hydro bill was now competing with her mortgage payment. “Something is wrong now, Mr. Trudeau,” she told him and the assembled crowd.

“My heat and hydro now cost me more than my mortgage, … I now not only work 75 hours a week, I stay and work 15 hours a day just so I don’t lose my home.” The audience was moved. Her sad plea touched the hearts of the audience. Its rueful climax came with her reluctant confession to our green Prime Minister that “I feel like you’ve failed me.”

Mr. Trudeau, for all his gifts, could not win the moment. He paid a compliment to her “strength and (the word choice here was daring) energy.” Then – how could he not? – he acknowledged that his federal government, like Ontario’s, was “putting a price” on what he called “carbon pollution.”

This is a fake designation, I point out. If carbon dioxide is a pollutant we should all be shut down, but it is a necessary thing in the liturgy of global warming to declare everything and anything in the way of the creed a pollutant. But hydro costs, he must have been pleased to point out, were Ontario’s doing – a provincial affair.

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