[Grenville Thomas] ‘Wind farms are a load of hot air!’ says Swansea-born ​multi-millionaire mining magnate (South Wales Evening Post – December 18, 2016)


MULTI-MILLIONAIRE mining magnate and Swansea boy made good Grenville Thomas has voiced his opposition to a wind farm that threatens to overshadow his childhood home.

Although now living in the Canadian city of Vancouver, having made his fortune harvesting the natural resources of the vast country, the 74-year-old has never forgotten his roots and is even said to have built an exact replica of the Red Lion in Morriston, which his great-grandmother used to run.

Mr Thomas, who started his working life as a coal miner in his home city, has sent a message of support to campaigners who tried to block a new wind farm being built to the north of Swansea on Mynydd y Gwair.

In his message he said: “In my opinion and the opinion of most of my business associates, the whole wind farm business is a huge con job where the investors in such things are guaranteed returns which they cannot get anywhere else.

“And that money comes from the taxpayer! “All these schemes will end up costing very large amounts of money with no particular effect on the climate. And Wales and places like it will bear the brunt of the pillaging of what little countryside remains.”

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