A “New” Gold Camp in the Making? – by Christopher Ecclestone (InvestorIntel.com – December 14, 2016)


One seldom gets to name a planet or star, a new species of plant or animal, a street or a town. In the mining world new mining camps are relatively rare phenomena too so getting to name a “new” mining camp is something of an honour.

Indeed it could be like a staking rush if anyone was actually noticing that an area with great potential is developing and remains unnamed as yet. However, that begs the question as to at what point a couple of disparate prospects and projects start to crystallise into a new district.

If Signature Resources Ltd.’s (TSXV: SGU | OTCQB: SGGTF) Lingman Lake project was alone out there in the Ontario/Manitoba borderlands or if it was solely greenfield then naming the area the “Red Sucker Lake Camp” would be jumping the gun but in fact its property was mined in the 1940s, made a false start at resumed production in the 1990s, and now the sizeable Monument Bay project in the hands of Yamana is making the area almost crowded (we jest) in comparison to recent decades.

Both of these projects are located in an east-west trending granite-greenstone terrane exposed across northeastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. With many of the historically productive gold zones of Ontario and Quebec being well-picked over, exhausted or totally staked, the natural course for up-and-coming explorers is to push the borders of exploration beyond the same old, same old.

What looks however like striking out into the wilderness in the case of Signature is actually a return to proven territory that has come to grief in the past not through lacking geological potential but due to the swings and roundabouts of gold pricing and financing moods.

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