Canada’s elite ‘useful idiots’ endorse the Liberal plan to eat them last – by Peter Foster (Financial Post – December 6, 2016)

The other day, a motley group of 60 business and “civil society” leaders signed an open letter calling on the prime minister and the premiers to impose “smart” climate policies on the way to that allegedly inevitable “low-carbon world.” The letter read like a Liberal policy document because, essentially, it was. Bizarrely, it made no reference to the election of Donald Trump.

The letter received little coverage in the media, but on Thursday Friends of Science, the small but feisty Calgary-based group of climate skeptics, challenged its claims, noting — with substantial background documentation — that it flew in the face of reality, even without taking into account that Trump’s likely rejection of carbon pricing would make the recommended “smart” Canadian moves look distinctly dumb.

The more glaring issue, however, is why a group of senior executives, many from the oil industry, plus other business representative bigwigs, such as John Manley, head of the Business Council of Canada, would be joining some of industry’s most rabid environmental NGO opponents in effectively begging the government to hobble the economy?

The answer seems to be something along the lines of the Stockholm Syndrome: that phenomenon where kidnap victims begin to sympathize, or at least mouth sympathy, with their captors.

In his excellent takedown this week of Justin Trudeau’s much-, and rightly-, ridiculed remarks on the death of Fidel Castro, the Post’s Michael Den Tandt invoked the syndrome to explain the ostensible “love” of the Cuban people for their oppressor.

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