Americans are finally overthrowing political correctness run amok – by Lawrence Solomon (Financial Post – November 18, 2016)

This is the best of times and the worst of times for political correctness. The best because political correctness has reached never-before-seen heights under Obama; the worst because it’s all downhill from here.

With PC-abhorring Republicans in control of the presidency, both houses of Congress, over 60 per cent of governorships, over 60 per cent of state legislatures and — most meaningfully — Supreme Court nominations, political correctness and the draconian architecture around it could now be doomed for decades.

The spectacles following Donald Trump’s election last week capture the absurd, even comical, extremes to which political correctness has come: colleges comforting students distraught at the election result by cancelling their exams and providing them with therapy dogs; protesters who didn’t bother to vote for Hillary Clinton taking to the streets to express their outrage over those who voted for Trump; mayors of America’s crime-ridden sanctuary cities refusing to co-operate with the federal government in deporting the violent criminals that threaten their citizens.

Political correctness isn’t a purely cultural phenomenon, a merely autonomous product of a free market of ideas in an era of enlightenment and progress. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry, funded, promoted, regulated and enforced by government. Without pro-active governments taking on Big Brother roles, political correctness would be an irrelevant factor in the economy and in our lives.

Exhibit A is manmade global warming, a litmus test for the politically correct. Since the 1990s, governments have spent billions of dollars a year in research promoting the global warming orthodoxy — by this decade the annual spending rose to US$20 billion.

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