Trudeau’s carbon price idiotic, given Trump’s election – by Lorrie Goldstein (Toronto Sun – November 9, 2016)

Unlike Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper understood why it was reckless to impose a national carbon pricing scheme on Canada, unless the U.S. did the same. The surprise victory of President-elect Donald Trump Tuesday has driven home the wisdom of Harper’s policy and the foolishness of Trudeau’s.

That’s because it’s going to cost Canadians billions of dollars more than they were already going to have to pay for a national carbon pricing scheme, that is essentially nothing more than a cash grab by the provinces.

Why? Because Trump, who has called man-made climate change a hoax, not only becomes U.S. president in 71 days, the Republicans also retained control of Congress.

That means a national carbon pricing program in the U.S., which would have been on life support even if Hillary Clinton had won, is dead on arrival. Indeed, the UN’s 2015 Paris climate treaty itself is in critical condition.

News of Trump’s victory must have hit the ongoing, annual UN global warming gabfest in Marrakesh, Morocco like an earthquake. That’s because Trump will soon have the power, backed by Congress, to wipe out Obama’s entire legacy on climate change.

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