Suzuki smears Canadian mining companies as “disgusting” – by Christopher Wilson (The Rebel – October 25, 2016)

David Suzuki is at it again slandering and smearing Canadian industry, this time, Canada’s mining companies.

It was about one year ago that Suzuki likened the Canadian oil and gas industry to plantation slavery which, following his analogy, would make the thousands of hard working Canadian men and women, concerned about the future prospects of their careers, like slave owners.

What a bizarre, out of touch thing to say. And today we heard more of the same in a piece where Suzuki calls the Canadian mining industry and our mining companies “disgusting”.

Suzuki is brave when he’s popping off among his friends at the CBC and Rabble but we’ve all seen how he runs away when challenged with skeptical questions. So why don’t we see more push-back from the industries that he regularly maligns?

We’ve seen the difference it can make when companies stand up for themselves and defend the hard working Canadians who make a living in the resource sector.

Let’s hope more will learn to speak up instead of remaining silent in the face of these environmentalist smear-jobs.

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