[$27 million mining research facility] Big payday for LU – by Mary Katherine Keown (Sudbury Star – September 24, 2016)


Laurentian University has a few more dollars to add to its coffers, after yet another funding announcement on Friday.

The university received $21.1 million from the federal government, as well as $6.3 million from the province — for a total of $27.4 million — to build a new research, engineering and innovation centre at its Ramsey Lake Road campus. The 47,000-square-foot centre will be used to house labs, lecture theatres, a shop and collaborative spaces, as well as shared equipment.

“It will provide space for researchers from the university’s seven faculties, for research and innovation,” Dominic Giroux, the university’s president, said. “We’re being purposeful in designing this new research and innovation space that cuts across the disciplines.”

Researchers from the humanities and social science departments will also be welcome in the new space. “Any researchers that needs collaborative space or space to share equipment or lab support will be able to use the facilities,” Giroux said.

There is also a large space in the new building for students enrolled in the Bharti School of Engineering, as well as faculty members.

“It’s grown from 100 to 700 students in the past decade, without any increase in space during that period,” Giroux said. “So for us to meet current and future demand, it was imperative to add about 10 labs.”

The new facility also includes commercialization space, which has been developed in partnership with NORCAT. Giroux said he hopes students will be able to use the space to develop products or services that could go to market.

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