Hudbay positioning itself for the next up cycle – by Carmen Gomez-Cotta ( – September 18, 2016)

With its Costancia mine now in full production, in Peru, Hudbay Minerals’ COO talks about what’s next

In January 2016, Cashel Meagher was appointed Hudbay Minerals’ senior vice president and chief operating officer, in charge of the company’s international operating teams and responsible for business development, technical services, exploration and corporate social responsibility.

Prior to his new role, Meagher was Hudbay’s vice president, South America business unit from 2011 to 2015, where he led the successful construction and ramp-up of the Constancia mine – a mine that today is Hudbay’s fourth producing asset, along with the relatively new Lalor and Reed mines and the established 777 zinc-copper mine in Manitoba.

With a joint advanced major in geology and chemistry from Saint Francis Xavier University and a PGeo designation, he has an extensive background in precious metals and base metals exploration, resource and reserve estimation, engineering studies, and open pit and underground operations.

If there’s something Meagher has learned during all these years it’s that there are no reasons for hidden agendas, and that transparency and communication are how you establish trust with people. “As long as you have that, you can sort through most of the problems”, he says.

Nowadays, as Hudbay’s COO, he’s in charge of the company’s business development; a company which, thanks to Constancia, has achieved over 300% growth in copper production along with low operating costs, improving cash flow and increasing liquidity.

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