Ahead of more suspensions, Philippine miners question review process – by Manolo Serapio Jr (Reuters U.S. – September 13, 2016)


MANILA – Philippine miners facing more mine suspensions under an environmental review backed by President Rodrigo Duterte have stepped up their criticism of the process, questioning the inclusion of anti-mining activists in the review teams.

The world’s top nickel ore supplier has halted operations of 10 mines, eight of them nickel, for environmental infractions, and the government has said more suspensions will be announced this week. The crackdown is aimed at enforcing stricter environmental protection measures, with Duterte warning the nation could survive without a mining industry. But miners have labeled the review a “demolition campaign”.

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, which groups 21 of the country’s 40 metallic miners, said it had “trouble appreciating” the inclusion in mine audit teams of groups such as Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), which translates to Alliance To Stop Mining.

“Why are they part of the audit team when they can hardly be expected to be impartial?” said Chamber spokesman Ronald Recidoro. “Our members are fairly confident that they have complied with the technical and legal requirements.”

ATM groups non-governmental organizations, church groups and academic institutions working to protect Filipino communities and natural resources threatened by large-scale mining operations, according to its website.

The mining industry has powerful opponents in the Philippines, led by the influential Catholic Church, following past environment disasters and the displacement of local communities.

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