Executives believe they can survive lower metals outlook – KPMG – by Megan Van Wyngaardt (MiningWeekly.com – August 23, 2016)


JOHANNESBURG (miningweekly.com) – Fewer than half of senior metals executives responding to KPMG International’s 2016 Global Metals & Mining Outlook survey voiced any level of confidence in the prospects for the global economy over the next two years.

This was particularly concerning given the tight relationship between the fortunes of the global economy and that of the global metals and mining industry, the advisory firm says.

However, while confidence in the global economy is low, the KPMG survey suggests that most metals executives believe they can survive and maybe even grow in the medium term.

Almost two-thirds of participants say they are confident of achieving growth in the next two years and 63% believe the industry will achieve a measure of growth over the same period.

“When growth does return, the market will likely be significantly different than in the past, particularly given the structural changes taking place and the environmental regulations currently being tabled around the world.

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