Kidd copper spills in river in train derailment – by Sarah Moore (Timmins Daily Press – August 13, 2016)

RAMORE – Crews are still working to clean up a potentially toxic spill in the White Clay River, near Ramore, after a train from a Timmins mine derailed on Thursday afternoon.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) confirmed that the train, which was carrying zinc and copper concentrate and bound for Englehart, originated from Glencore’s Kidd Operations Met Site.

The mine retrieves the concentrate at its facility on Highway 101, just outside of Timmins, in Hoyle, and ships it to its processing plants via the Ontario Northland Rail (ONR) freight line. The four-car train was travelling southbound along the White Clay River Bridge on Thursday, Aug. 11 when it derailed at approximately 12:30 p.m.

As a result, several of the cars left the tracks on the bridge and became submerged in the river below.There were no injuries reported and the cause of the derailment is unknown at this time.

Crews from the ONR, the MOECC, as well as the Kirkland Lake Ontario Provincial Police, arrived at the scene within the hour on Thursday. Rebecca McGlynn, spokeswoman for the ONR, said “three of the four derailed cars are intact” but “one car containing copper concentrate had some product escape.”

The company currently has a marine unit and several other units on site, in partnership with the ministry, to address the spill and complete the clean-up efforts.

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