Galt No. 6 coal mine in Lethbridge designated as historic site – by Ayesha Clough (CBC News Calgary – July 6, 2016)

A remnant of Lethbridge’s mining past will be preserved in a new park after city council designated the Galt Mine No. 6 site as a Municipal Historic Resource.

Not much remains of the mine shaft that closed more than 80 years ago, aside from the boiler hoist base, tipple foundation and drift tunnel — but that’s not stopping the project.

“The fact there’s not a lot there [is] actually giving us more opportunities,” says Belinda Crowson, president of the Lethbridge Historical Society. “In my mind, ruins and holographic material … you could have an amazing display there of what the buildings used to look like.”

The group is working with Melcor, the developer of the adjacent Legacy Ridge neighbourhood to turn the land into an interpretive park. The mine gets its name from Sir Alexander Galt, who with his son Elliott started the coal mine industry in Lethbridge in the 1880s. Mine 6 was active from 1908 to 1935.

Crowson is trying to track down stories of the families who lived in Hardieville, the small community that sprang up around the mine in northwest Lethbridge.

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