[Saskatchewan] K+S Legacy unveiled (Moose Jaw Times Herald – June 21, 2016)


The K+S Potash Canada Legacy Project was officially unveiled on Tuesday. Located roughly 60 kilometers northeast of Moose Jaw, construction crews are now in the completion stages of the largest construction project currently underway in Saskatchewan.

With the strategy of solution mining and using water sourced from Lake Diefenbaker, the Legacy mine will produce mainly potash and salt, as well as fertilizer. The salt and potash will be sourced from 1,500-1,600 metres underground.

The construction phase, which began in 2013, employed 1,475 people from all over Canada. Once the first phase of production begins in the next few months, there will be about 350 local employees working on site, with another 100 or so working from headquarters in Saskatoon and Vancouver.

Headquartered in Germany, K+S is the fourth largest potash producing company in the world and No. 1 throughout Europe. With seven mines distributed through Germany, Chile, the USA and Canada, Legacy will be the eighth mine the company has built.

With a 4.1 billion dollar budget, the Legacy project is the largest capital investment K+S has ever made. Products from under the Saskatchewan ground will be shipped all over the world.

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