The economic fraud of Ontario’s carbon pricing – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – June 9, 2016)

The Ontario government’s Climate Change Action Plan is apparently so devoid of solid rationale that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have resorted to using videos that manipulate nine-year-old children into making statements on climate science. Brief bits of intellectual child abuse, the main event on the province’s climate change web page, feature five little boys and five little girls declaring that climate change “sucks” and “it’s not like it’s fake or anything! It’s not like an April Fool’s joke.”

The abuse gets worse in a 30-second Ontario-sponsored commercial/video featuring David Suzuki speaking to a large audience of boys and girls, scaring the hell out of them with talk of “we’re in trouble and not enough adults are listening.”

Traffic jams and pictures of cute but vulnerable beavers and caribou flash across the screen. “If we don’t act now the damage could be irreversible,” says Suzuki as the children react with awe and dismay to the smooth-talking master of environmental alarmism and economic primitivism who would rather we all ate Canadian-grown turnips than imported bananas. But he didn’t mention that to the kids.

And then there’s Glen Murray, the province’s environment minister and chief spooker of children. As he announced the province’s action plan Wednesday, Murray said “Climate change is a fact in our daily lives — raising the cost of our food, causing extreme weather that damages property and infrastructure, threatening outdoor activities we love, and melting winter roads that provide critical seasonal access to remote northern Indigenous communities.

It affects every aspect of our lives, so it is our collective responsibility to fight climate change together to ensure our children benefit from a cleaner planet.”

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