The Diamond Producers Association (DPA), the organization formed last year by the major diamond mining companies to promote the natural diamond industry, unveiled its new marketing platform for diamonds during a special presentation to members of the jewelry industry at the JCK show in Las Vegas. The DPA team, led by CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr, outlined plans for the first category marketing campaign in over 5 years and the very first from the DPA.

“The new platform “Real is Rare” is the result of six months of development,” says the DPA, including in-depth research into its target: millennial consumers. The platform emerges from deep insight work with the millennial audience revealing that while diamonds do have appeal for this generation, relevance and emotional engagement can be heightened via new concepts.”

Continues DPA: “Our research reveals that Millennials long for real, lasting connections with others, but struggle to make them – or to feel sure they are truly authentic – in a world of constant flux, seemingly limitless choice, and superficial interactions. The idea that diamonds have the gravitas and power to celebrate and mark an authentic connection resonates deeply with them. For many millennials, diamonds have come to represent traditional rituals or “bling” and status signifiers.

The opportunity exists for diamonds to represent the rare, precious and real connections that millennials crave. “Real is Rare” redefines diamonds for the 21st century, giving them new meaning as a symbol to celebrate the real connections we choose to make.”

The organization says that it will continue to invest in and develop the “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond.” campaign, which will continue to build, and, it says, will sustain millennials as diamond consumers for years to come.

The DPA is working with agency partner Mother New York to develop the creative for the campaign, which will go live in September 2016, and will reportedly focus on digital and social media channels.

DPA Chairman Stephen Lussier says, “This is an important milestone for the diamond industry. The DPA members coming together to launch this campaign will create a new cultural movement around diamonds that we are confident will benefit the entire industry.”

Lieberherr says, “We are excited to present our new category marketing platform which will resonate with millennials but will also inject new energy into the diamond category universally. We look forward to finalizing and launching the campaign in the fall and continuing to develop this platform for 2017 and beyond.”

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