‘Ghost’ Of Woman Coal Sorter Pictured In Lady Victoria Pit Mine – by Sara C Nelson (Huffington Post U.K. – June 3, 2016)


‘It’s an old colliery so there is bound to be something there’

A ghost hunter believes he has captured the spirit of a female coal sorter taking a nighttime walk through a former mine. Jimmy Devlin, 44, says he came across the apparition during a paranormal investigation in April.

He took pictures of the eerie sight at Lady Victoria pit in Newtongrange, Midlothian, which is now home to Scotland’s National Mining Museum. He said: “I have very rarely shared any of my work, more because of ridicule and cyber abuse from closed minded individuals.

“I do however feel I would like to share this image I captured whilst taking random shots before my investigation began. “It was taken whilst standing on one of the high walkways that run over the old bogey tracks that surround the pit head.

“It appears to me, to be that of a woman, dressed in a long flowing skirt, blouse and possibly her hair tied up or wearing a headscarf.” Indeed the museum’s website features recreations of women sorting coal in the mines wearing similar garb to that of the other-worldly spectre.

Devlin continued: “I have been visiting the mining museum for six or seven years for public events. “But this was one I wanted to do privately. I went along with two or three friends who do this on a regular basis.

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