Documentary: KONELĪNE: our land beautiful (British Columbia’s Golden Triangle)

Celebrated for using art to seek beauty and complexity where you least expect to find them, KONELĪNE(pronounced Ko-na-lee-na) is garnering rave reviews for its fair-minded and sensual exploration of northwest British Columbia and the extraordinary people who move across it. Miners call this land the Golden Triangle, hunters call it the Serengeti of the North, and the Tahltan First Nation call it home.

KONELĪNE’s visual poetry delights in exploding stereotypes. Heidi Gutfrucht, at once a big game hunter and fierce environmentalist, swims her 17 horses across the massive Stikine River; a Tahltan First Nation diamond driller bores deep into the same territory he loves….and that his elders are fighting to protect; white hunters carry bows and arrows while Tahltan elders shoot moose with high-powered rifles; and the world’s biggest chopper flies 16,000-pound transmission towers over mountaintops, their metal struts catching the light like giant gleaming crosses.
Cameraman Van Royko won the 2016 best documentary cinematography award from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers for KONELĪNE, which he shot in wide screen. KONELĪNE: our land beautiful is a cinematic poem designed to cut through the rhetorical roar of our times. It’s turning heads and changing minds. Don’t miss it.

Director Nettie Wild will be in attendance for post-screening Q&As at the June 10, 11 and 12 screenings.


Opens at the Bloor Cinema June 10 – 16

“Breathtaking, gripping….finds beauty in unexpected places” – The Northern Miner

“Stunning spectacle finds visual poetry… nurtures nuance” NOW magazine, Rating: 5 stars