India firm aims to have plant in Timmins by 2018 – by Alan S. Hale (Timmins Daily Press – June 2, 2016)

IMMINS – For the past year, Timmins has been pushing hard to make inroads with the mining industry in India, with delegations from India attending this year’s Big Event Canadian Mining Expo – currently ongoing at the McIntyre Arena – as well as last year’s expo.

Now it appears those efforts are beginning to pay off, as one Indian company has decided to establish a production facility in Timmins so that it can sell its products directly to the mines in and around the city by 2018.

“I would like to announce that we will soon have a production facility in Timmins for our ground-support system. We make the ground safer from the ground-up,” said Sandeep Agarwal, the director of the company in question, Bolat Materials. “We are now in the final stages of completing the project. So hopefully we will be able to complete the documentation in the next few months. We will start construction in with either November or December. By the end of 2017 we should be up and running.”

Bolat Materials is an India-based company that creates products that stabilize the ground at mining industry work sites. They sell a wide variety of products designed to prevent the ground from shifting or falling on miners. These include special resins and physical anchors and the equipment needed to secure it into the rock.

One product Bolat sells is a drill for securing anchor rods which it has colourfully named the “pneumatic Thor’s Hammer.”

In an interview with The Daily Press, Agarwal said Timmins is an ideal location because of how central it is to the Northern Ontario mining industry

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