[Kamloops Politicians] Eastern mining tour coming to an end – by James Peters (CFJC Today.com – May 3, 2016)


KAMLOOPS — Mayor Peter Milobar and Councillor Tina Lange are coming to the end of their Ontario and Quebec mining town tour. Councillor Denis Walsh has already returned to Kamloops.

Milobar and Lange are in Sudbury, Ontario today, after visiting Timmins, Ontario and Malartic and Val d’Or, Quebec. Milobar says the group has learned lessons.

“One thing that has resonated all the way through is that any remediation, or mitigation needs to be really spelled out. There needs to be procedures in place if those targets aren’t met, and even if those targets are being met but still creating an impact what is the phase two of those efforts,” said Milobar.

Milobar adds it’s clear mines placed near communities do not operate the same as mines that are not close to urban areas.

Meantime, Kamloops Councillor Denis Walsh says his visit to a pair of mining towns in Eastern Canada hasn’t budged his opposition to the KGHM-Ajax copper-gold proposal.

Walsh returned yesterday, two days ahead of colleagues Tina Lange and Mayor Peter Milobar. He says he was most interested to see how Timmins, Ontario and Malartic, Quebec dealt with dust.

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