[New Gold Rainy River Mine] Aboriginal firm takes charge of camp security – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – April 26, 2016)


The construction of New Gold’s Rainy River Mine is proving to be a huge economic boon in business spinoffs for the entire Rainy River district. But as with all mineral developments, it has a finite mine life – 14 years at last count

Training and building businesses for today and tomorrow is on the collective minds of three northwestern Ontario First Nation bands. And one Aboriginally owned business venture is offering safety and security in more ways than one.

Synterra Security Solutions LP is a joint venture partnership launched in 2011 between Canadian Securities Management (CSM) and the First Nation communities of Wunnumin Lake, Kingfisher Lake and Naicatchewenin.

Building capacity is important for when the mineral resources do dry up, insists Tony Marinaro, director of business operations for the Naicatchewenin Development Corporation.

“We have to do it now while they’re here because once the gold is gone, everybody moves on and we’re still here. We have to make sure we’re preparing ourselves for the next opportunity that comes.”

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