Tahoe execs in Timmins to tour latest acquisition – by Len Gillis (Timmins Daily Press – April 7, 2016)


TIMMINS – If the first century of mining in Timmins belonged to companies such as Dome, Hollinger, McIntyre, Texas Gulf and Goldcorp, the second century of mining will have to make room for a couple of new names; Tahoe Resources and Lake Shore Gold.

These are names that won’t just be around Timmins for many years, but for many generations. That’s according to Kevin McArthur, the executive chair of Tahoe who is no stranger to the Porcupine mining camp, having been the former CEO of Goldcorp. McArthur and a team the top executives from Tahoe Resources were in Timmins on Wednesday to look over their newest properties.

It was just last week that Lake Shore Gold (LSG), which operates the Timmins West and Bell Creek mining and milling operations, became part of a friendly business merger with Tahoe. LSG shareholders voted “overwhelming approval” on the deal that has allowed Tahoe to acquire all outstanding shares of Lake Shore. The business combination went through on Thursday March 31, 2016, said a company news release.

After touring the Timmins West mining complex Wednesday, McArthur said he liked what he has seen and he liked the way things have been run. That’s the message that he and LSG president Tony Makuch passed on to hundreds of local miners, mill-workers and other LSG employees at several crew meetings on Wednesday morning.

McArthur arrived in the city this week from his office in Reno, Nevada to show the flag and shake the hands of the company’s newest employees, as he told them not to worry about the changes at the corporate levels.

“I just want to ensure you there really are no big changes going on here,” he said. “We are as happy as can be to be in the Timmins district. As some of you may know, I used to be the CEO of Goldcorp, until my retirement. This is kind of my second job with Tahoe Resources,” McArthur kidded.

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