Alberta’s coal-power phaseout will begin in 2018, industry association says – by Geoffrey Morgan (Financial Post – April 1, 2016)

CALGARY – The phase-out of coal-fired power generation in Alberta will begin in 2018, not the mandated 2030 deadline, the president of the Coal Association of Canada said Thursday.

Speaking at the launch of a campaign asking cabinet ministers to consider the impact of the policy on coal-mining communities, Robin Campbell said coal-fired power companies would either scale-back their electricity production or shut down their plants earlier than expected to avoid carbon levies.

“The real date will be 2018,” Campbell said, adding that the phase-out of coal is “going to hurt small towns that are built around these mines and these power plants.”

The provincial government is imposing a $20-per-tonne carbon tax on emissions beginning in 2017, rising to $30 in 2018. The government’s climate change policy also requires all coal-fired power plants to be emissions-free by 2030 or shut down.

Edmonton-based Capital Power Corp., however, has indicated it will continue operating its coal fleet until 2030 based on the province’s proposed climate change plan.

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