Wynyard, Sask., ‘really excited’ for new potash mine (CBC News Saskatoon – March 16, 2016)


A new potash mine set to open near Wynyard, Sask., a town about 190 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon, has the community “really excited.”

“It’s great news for our community,” said Wynyard mayor Ted Czarnecki. “It’s rare that you hear much good news these days with all the uncertainty of projects out there.”

Karnalyte Resources Inc., a Saskatoon-based potash company, announced Monday that an agreement had been made with an India-based fertilizer company, Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd., to finance the construction of a potash mine and a mineral mine in Wynyard.

Karnalyte founder and president Robin Phinney said this is the company’s most significant milestone, with a fully-financed deal to build the potash mine in Saskatchewan.

“[Robin] seemed quite optimistic that things might happen, so we’re real excited to hear that,” Czarnecki said. “Securing this particular company and for them being part of the purchasing plan is great.”

He said the town is excited for the long-term agreement.

“It’s maybe a long time coming,” the mayor said. “I know that things have been a bit stale in regards to things at the plant … but this will be huge for our town and our RM.”

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