Profile: Eira Thomas, president and CEO, Kaminak Gold – by Nelson Bennett (Business Vancouver – March 15, 2016)

Diamond hunter’s golden rule: Exploration is the key

Eira Thomas still isn’t quite sure what she plans to do with the new diamond she ordered from Lucara Diamond Corp. (TSX:LUC).

That’s the Vancouver diamond mining company that, in November, announced it had unearthed the second-largest diamond ever mined – a company that she co-founded and which bears two letters from her name.

But if she decides to have it set in a gold ring, she might be able to use the gold from her latest mining venture – the Kaminak Gold Corp. (TSX-V:KAM) Coffee project in the Yukon.

Kaminak created a buzz in the gold mining space in early January when it came out with a feasibility plan for the Coffee project, a small, high-quality deposit with a low capital cost.

But savvy investors know that even high-quality deposits do not necessarily guarantee success. They also look for a seasoned management team with a track record. Thomas certainly has a track record.

It’s been said that a geologist is lucky if he or she, over the course of a career, has one discovery become an operating mine. Thomas has three under her belt, and Kaminak would make it four.

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