Sudbury’s CEMI digging deep for data – by Carol Mulligan (Sudbury Star – February 18, 2016)

If you’ve been itching to test a good idea for a data analytics business that could benefit the mining and exploration industry, the Centre for Excellence in Mining and SNOLAB want to hear from you.

Its officials have issued a worldwide request for proposals for business start-ups interested in using the Mining Observatory Data Control Centre (MODCC) to incubate their ideas.

The MODCC is a four-year, $2.4-million partnership among CEMI, SNOLAB, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp. and the Canada Mining Innovation Council.

Money has been invested to modify space on the third floor of SNOLAB’s surface facility at the site of Vale’s Creighton Mine for people wishing to get businesses off the ground at the MODCC.

Damien Duff, vice-president of geoscience and geotechnical research and development at CEMI, said the partners are also interested in companies who may wish to apply data analytics they’ve used in other sectors such as health care to mining and exploration.

But he says he’s more interested “in the guy that’s been in his basement to this point, and thinks he’s got something he can do for the mining and exploration industry, and that all he needs is having access to the kind of support we’re going to provide in order to nurture that idea.”

People are invited to apply for one of six or more spots for which they will pay a modest $250 a month if approved. Being accepted at the centre will give them access to SNOLAB’s computing system, administrative staff and other amenities.

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