Another Ontario green energy blow-up – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – February 16, 2016)

Debris from the exploding Ontario Liberal green energy rocket continues to land on the hapless citizens of the province. Gas plant scandals, soaring power rates, declining electricity output, massive subsidies to money-losing wind and solar, non-stop bafflegab from government ministers: when will it stop? Not now, and maybe never.

Details of the latest meteorite-sized chunk of the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne green power blow-up are on display at the blog of energy consultant Tom Adams, who formerly served on the Ontario Independent Electricity Market Operator board of directors and the Ontario Centre for Excellence for Energy board of management

Adams picks up a story that made brief headlines in late 2012 when Windstream Energy, a U.S. company, filed a NAFTA complaint claiming $475 million in damages.

The company says it had a contract with the government-controlled Ontario Power Authority at 19 cents a kilowatt/hour to build an offshore wind farm near Wolf Island in Lake Ontario near Kingston.

While the action looked to some like another eye-glazing NAFTA trade dispute, details reported by Adams today point to another explosive series of revelations on the inner workings of the Ontario Liberal government, as it attempted to make sense of its incoherent plan to make Ontario the greenest energy market in North America.

The case goes before a NAFTA arbitration panel on Monday, and based on Adams’ review of the 280-page Windstream claim, the evidence promises to open another window on the steamy craziness behind the decision-making processes within former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet.

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