Make Northern Ontario a separate province: online petition (CBC News Sudbury – February 4, 2016)

Northerners tired of being ignored by politicians in Toronto, Trevor Holliday says

Some northern Ontarians have had enough of dealing with the bigwigs in Toronto and are calling on the region to support forming their own province with an online petition.

From travelling long distances to see a doctor to feeling underrepresented in Queen’s Park, Trevor Holliday of North Bay, Ont., said the frustration led him to create the movement and push the idea forward.

So far, the petition he started has more than 2,500 supporters as northerners seek more resources, especially in health care. The idea of separation isn’t new. This sentiment has been expressed by a variety of northerners over the decades and actually dates back to the 1970s.

“Why can’t more be done in the north? Why does everybody have to travel to the south? Yes, there’s specialized doctors. Why can’t we have one centralized in northern Ontario?” Holliday asked.

“I hear many different stories of indigenous people having to take several modes of transportation just to see a doctor, just to get bottled water, milk — which is becoming a hardship on them and their families, as well.”

Nipissing University political science professor David Tabachnick said there’s reason for people to feel frustrated along with explanations for why things are the way they are in Ontario.

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