Glencore gets Sudbury extension – by Carol Mulligan (Sudbury Star – January 28, 2016)

Sudbury’s second largest mining company, Glencore’s Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, has received approval to exceed emission standards while it upgrades its Falconbridge smelter.

Glencore officials are pleased with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s recent decision to grant approval of its site-specific standard application for nickel at the smelter, said company spokeswoman Yonaniko Grenon.

“This approval allows us the required time to research, design and implement the technologies and processes required to further reduce nickel emissions from our Sudbury smelter facility while maintaining compliance with Ontario’s Air Quality Regulation,” she said.

Before it submitted its application, Glencore held consultation sessions with key stakeholders, among them the Falconbridge Citizens’ Committee. It also held an open house and sent a letter to Falconbridge residents providing an overview of the standards process, said Grenon.

The June 2014 open house was staffed by a number of technical experts, including representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Glencore just received approval for the smelter for dioxide, cadmium and nickel site-specific standards from the ministry.

Improvements have been made as part of these site-specific standard approvals, said Grenon. The initial work focused on reducing sulphur dioxide emissions.

Sudbury INO applied for the site-specific for the smelter’s nickel emissions to air in 2014 and it was approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in December 2015, she said.

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