Getting to grips with the lithium market An interview with Mr. Lithium.- by Peter Epstein ( ( – January 21 2016)

The following interview of lithium expert / consultant Joe Lowry of Global Lithium LLC was conducted over the past 6 days by phone and email. The opinions, views and purported facts herein are entirely those of Mr. Lowry. His vast experience in the lithium industry makes his commentary well sought after. I’m thankful that Joe is willing to provide insightful market intelligence, information that most investors don’t have access to.

You’re known as, “Mr. Lithium.” Please explain how you rose to lithium prominence? What does your firm Global Lithium LLC offer clients?

Not sure I’ve, ‘risen to prominence,’ but thank you for the compliment. The, ‘Mr. Lithium’ thing evolved over time. Almost 20 years ago, someone in Japan called me, Mr. Lithium in a group meeting and gradually the name spread. I lived in Asia for more than a decade beginning in 2000. I think some people found the, ‘Mr. Lithium’ moniker easier to remember than my real name.

Global Lithium LLC has a broad cross section of clients. We are able to provide real time information and perspective that clients continue to value. Twenty-five years of lithium knowledge and relationships cannot quickly be replicated. Lithium is a small niche market albeit growing rapidly in significance.

Without divulging the, “secret sauce,” please explain how you collect industry data and actively monitor / participate in the industry?

The value that Global Lithium LLC offers boils down to relationships built over time, working in the lithium business, living in multiple countries and traveling to many others on a regular basis. We also monitor import & export statistics and other data sources, but again, it takes knowledge and experience to properly interpret limited available data.

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