Renewables require innovation and change of mining industry mindset – by Simon Rees ( – January 19, 2016)

TORONTO ( – The future success of renewables in the mining sector will require companies to overhaul the way they think about energy and mine development, according to professional services firm Deloitte.

“When we look at mining, innovation and competitiveness, we don’t often put those things together,” said Deloitte associate partner Adriaan Davidse, addressing an audience at a recent Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce renewables in mining conference.

Davidse highlighted innovation as an important value driver, as it helps attract capital and deliver alternative or new profit streams for many mining companies. Renewables played an important part within this, he said.

“You can create a completely different competitive advantage if you start thinking about integrating renewables at the start of project design and by beginning to change the entire system.”


Davidse noted that renewables innovation did not mean ripping up the rule book simply for the sake of doing so; it meant having the willingness to find untapped solutions or methods to create value for both the company and its shareholders. “We have a slogan: ‘Think big, test small and scale fast’,’” he said.

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