Turning Sudbury’s regreening expertise into actual green – by Ella Myers (Northern Ontario Business – January 08, 2016)


Protocol under development aims to turn local environmental knowledge into marketable product

Sudbury’s environmental destruction and subsequent reclamation is one of the city’s defining moments. From a blackened, barren nickel capital to a beacon of regreening and responsible mining around the world, Sudbury has come a long way since the 1970s.

A major project is germinating between the mayor’s office and Laurentian University that would capitalize on the expertise built from the recovery process.

Laurentian’s vice-president of research, Rui Wang, had introduced the Sudbury Protocol at the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation’s (GSDC) first Resourceful City talk in November.

Wang describes the protocol as “a scientifically proven and practically implementable protocol that can be used as a step-by-step guideline and standard for government and industry at different levels, for sustainable mining industry and economic development with the environmental and the societal impacts at the centre and front of the planning and operations.”

He says that since moving to Sudbury, he’s pored over the hundreds of peer-reviewed journals, surveys and books related to the regreening. He wants to see the information in one, accessible document. He approached Mayor Brian Bigger in the spring to discuss the concept of condensing the information into a marketable, usable product.

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