Trumbo and the Hollywood redwash – by Peter Foster (National Post – December 23, 2015)

When is Hollywood going to make a movie about the persecution of those who dare to question the “consensus” on climate change?

This admittedly outlandish thought came to mind after viewing Trumbo, which is yet another regurgitation of the fondly cherished myth of how a few brave Hollywood screenwriters dared to stand up for free speech against Congressional bullying in the 1940s. And all for nothing more than being crypto Communists.

But a similar threat of deprivation of research funds, and even unemployment, hovers over the academic community when it comes to official climate science and policy. So where are the freedom-loving film scripts?

The new green totalitarianism is in many ways the natural heir to Communism. Perhaps that’s why Hollywood, which has gone environmentally gaga, continues to laud the “Hollywood Ten,” and to avert its eyes from what Communism was really about.

Early in the movie, screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, played by Bryan Cranston, explains to his daughter what it means to be a Communist. You go to school with a sandwich for lunch, and one of your classmates doesn’t have a sandwich. So you share. From each according to her sandwich, to each according to her need for a sandwich.

As a description of Communism, this falls somewhat short.

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