Investors put pressure on miners to respond to climate change (Reuters U.S. – December 16, 2015)

An alliance of around 100 investors is calling on mining companies Anglo American Glencore and Rio Tinto to show that they are working to lessen the impact of climate change on their businesses.

The group of European fund managers and pension funds including Aviva, Amundi and Schroders, which together manage over $4 trillion in assets, will file shareholder resolutions to the firms this month, investor coalition “Aiming for A” said on Wednesday.

Shareholders will vote on the resolutions at company meetings to be held in the first months of 2016. Miners are already grappling with an industry crisis caused by plunging commodity prices.

The resolutions include commitments to reducing operational carbon emissions, maintaining a portfolio of assets resilient to future energy scenarios, and supporting low-carbon energy research and development, Aiming for A said.

“We want Anglo American, Glencore and Rio Tinto fully to demonstrate awareness of the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to their businesses,” Helen Wildsmith, founder of Aiming for A, said in a statement.

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