NGOs call for investigation into alleged corruption at Kinross Gold’s West African mines – by Henry Lazenby ( – December 11, 2015)

TORONTO ( – Two nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) have filed a report with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) calling for an investigation into mining company Kinross Gold Corporation for alleged breaches of Canada’s anticorruption laws at the company’s Tasiast mine, in Mauritania, and its Chirano mine, in Ghana.

Activist MiningWatch Canada and French anticorruption association Sherpa claimed on Thursday that they were in possession of extensive and detailed documents and information received from whistleblowers and other sources, which included subpoenas served on Kinross as part of an ongoing US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation, internal Kinross documents, and whistleblower letters, setting out highly detailed allegations of bribery, corruption and other financial crimes in Mauritania and Ghana.

“This information suggests extremely close ties between Kinross and public officials, which have apparently allowed opaque financial flows of great magnitude to improper recipients,” the NGOs stated.

“We urge the RCMP to conduct a thorough and aggressive investigation of Kinross’s African operations, based on this information – which is as solid as it is astonishing – to determine whether Canadian anticorruption laws have been breached, as appears to have been the case,” MiningWatch’s Jamie Kneen charged.

“There is no news here,” a Kinross spokesperson told Mining Weekly Online in response to questions about the allegations.

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