Reaction to Ontario Auditors General’s slamming report on mining ministry – Morning North’s Markus Schwabe Interviews Mining Columnist Stan Sudol (CBC News Sudbury – December 03, 2015)

Has the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines done enough to encourage mining exploration and development? Ontario’s Auditor General doesn’t think so. Stan Sudol is a mining columnist and owner/editor of a mining aggregator website called . He joined for some analysis and didn’t mince words.

Click here for the interview:

Stan Sudol Mea Culpa – Regarding the Morning North Interview: “It has come to my attention that the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) did indeed talk to CEMI. They may have also talked to other Sudbury –based researchers.

While I still feel the Chamber should have provided more “policy substance” on mining research in their report, I do sincerely apologize to the OCC’s President and CEO Allan O’Dette and his policy people for my rash statements and to the listeners of Markus Schwabe’s Morning North program.

My sincere enthusiasm and support for Sudbury’s world-class mining research institutions got the better of me. In future, I will ensure a more thorough due-diligence.”

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