Dynamic Earth breaks ground on outdoor science park – by Ben Leeson (Sudbury Star – November 25, 2015)

The Sudbury Star is the City of Greater Sudbury’s daily newspaper.

A slag dump-inspired slide, an amphitheatre stage made from a mining truck bed, a climb-on Creighton Mine – the functional will become fun when Dynamic Earth unveils a new outdoor science park, due to open in June 2016.

Staff from Science North and Dynamic Earth joined City of Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger for a press conference in the Atlas Copco Theatre on Wednesday to announce the science park, part of a $3 million attraction renewal initiative, for which the city has kicked in $250,000.

“Visitors to Dynamic Earth, no matter what their ages, get to work and they get to play with real mining equipment and technologies and, of course, learn about the earth and earth sciences,” said Julie Moskalyk, senior manager at Dynamic Earth.

“Many people leave here with a very different perspective and different learning about the mining sector and about the geology and with a renewed appreciation and understanding of what the industry can offer and what it’s all about, particularly in Greater Sudbury. Soon, there’s going to be even more to explore at Dynamic Earth, taking advantage of the incredible site that we have.

“Thanks to the support of both the City of Greater Sudbury and Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, these dreams that we have had of what we could do out there and we are very excited about that.”

Several interactive exhibits are planned for the 16,000-square-foot park, located between the Big Nickel and the Dynamic Earth building itself, where visitors are encouraged to take part in a variety activities from climbing on and inside a full-size scoop tram, making music with a limestone lithophone, playing in a sand pit, making earthquake-like waves on a segmented teeter-totter, and posing for photos on 3D sidewalk paintings that document Sudbury’s historical and geological past.

“When a person of any age is having fun, is engaged, the spin-off benefit is that learning just naturally happens,” said Elyse Clements, vice-chair of the Science North board of trustees. “I am honoured to be able to announce that Dynamic Earth: Home of the Big Nickel, will soon be the site of Sudbury’s first and only outdoor science park.”

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