Ministerial mandate letters point to greener Canadian economic priorities – by Henry Lazenby (November 14, 2015)

TORONTO ( – Canadian Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau on Friday took the unprecedented step of publicly releasing all ministerial mandate letters, as part of his plan for open and transparent government for Canadians, giving citizens a first glimpse of the new Liberal administration’s policy priorities.

“Real, positive change means new leadership and transparent government for Canadians. Our Ministers are being encouraged in their mandate letters to consult closely as a team, to listen and to carefully consider the expert advice of public servants. I am confident such measures will lead to better decision-making and results for Canadians,” he stated.

The ministerial mandate letters highlighted the government’s commitment to invest in jobs and growth for the middle class and those working hard to join it. They outlined the government’s progressive vision and provided a framework for what ministers were expected to accomplish, including specific policy objectives and challenges to be addressed.

This initiative by the PM set a historic precedent for openness and transparency at the federal level.


New Natural Resources Minister James Carr’s overarching goal would be to ensure the Canadian resources sector remained a source of jobs, prosperity and opportunity within the context of a world that increasingly valued sustainable practices and low-carbon processes. This required continued investment and support for innovation in the natural resource sectors, the mandate letter stated.

Trudeau noted that, throughout Canada’s history, its prosperity had been built on natural resources.

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