20 Questions with Sudbury Green Candidate David Robinson [Mining/Northern Ontario Initiatives] (Sudbury Star – October 9, 2015)

The Sudbury Star is the City of Greater Sudbury’s daily newspaper.

The Sudbury Star has sent a 20 Questions form to the four major candidates in the Sudbury and Nickel Belt ridings. Today, we feature David Robinson, who is running for the Green Party in Sudbury.

1. Why did you decide to run for MP? I was and I am outraged at the failure of the mainline parties to present a clear and strong plan for dealing with climate change. We are headed for climate disaster and the prime minister wants to “stay the course.”

2. What drew you to the party? The Green Party had by far the most commitment about climate change and the best policy combination.

3. What is your background?

I have spent 35 years studying and teaching economic policy. I have spent 25 years focusing on Northern Ontario economic development and 15 years contributing to Sudbury’s economy and culture. For example, I Identified the mining supply sector as our key opportunity, initiated our mining supply organization and the mining supply journal, started the new school of architecture, brought some arts organizations to the city and have helped shape the city’s economic plans.

I also have a PhD in economics, an honours degree in English literature, one daughter making films, one completing a Phd in systems analysis and a son who won a Grey Cup ring when he played for the Toronto Argonauts. There’s also a grandchild on the way.

4. Why should people vote for you?

Because they want someone who knows a lot about what the North needs and has shown he can find solutions.

5. What is your top priority for your riding?

Continuing to make Sudbury the centre for the mining supply sector.

6. What is your top priority for Northern Ontario?

Launching a cross-laminated timber industry

7. What is your top priority for Ontario?

Promoting rapid transit for the Toronto region and a high speed transport corridor between Quebec City and Windsor.

8. What is your top priority for Canada?

Launching Canada on the very profitable route to a carbon-free 2050. We have to take advantage of the technological revolution that is already well underway.

9. If you are elected, and your party forms the government, which cabinet post would you like?

I am currently the Green Party’s natural resources critic, but I would expect to become finance minister.

10. Would you support electoral reform and move to some sort of system of proportional representation?


11. What would your party do to help Sudbury and northeastern Ontario fix its roads, water and sewer lines and other infrastructure?

This is primarily a provincial responsibility, but our infrastructure strategy would help considerably.

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