Pacific trade deal good for Sudbury, says Slade -by PRESS RELEASE (Sudbury Northern Life – October 05, 2015)

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will benefit all of Canada but, we in Greater Sudbury with our strong resource and manufacturing sectors, will see many more doors opened for products and services produced here in Greater Sudbury with our new trading partners” says Fred Slade, Conservative Party of Canada candidate.

Canada’s Conservative Government has signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement that will protect and create Canadian jobs, and grow every sector of our economy by giving Canadian businesses access to some of the most dynamic markets in the world.

The TPP is a 12-nation market of almost 800-million consumers with GDP of $28 trillion — over 14 times the size of Canada’s economy. Canada will now be the only G7 nation with free trade access to all of the US and Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific continents, that’s over 60 per cent of the world’s economy.

Since 2006, our government has concluded Free Trade Agreements with 44 countries, compared to only five when we took office. “Canada’s mining industry has been a strong advocate for liberalized trade and investment flows for many years,” stated Pierre Gratton, Mining Association of Canada’s (MAC) President and CEO in a release today. “Canada’s exports of metals and minerals to TPP countries were worth on average $158.6 billion per year from 2012 to 2014. Through the reduction of tariffs, operators in Canada stand to gain significantly with TPP partners” according to MAC.

The Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export (CAMESE) is in agreement with the TPP.

“We have been consistent in our message that increased access to opportunities and reduced complexity of the business environment are two guiding principles that improve our members’ ability to grow their businesses,” said CAMESE Managing Director Ryan McEachern in a release.

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