Vale release 6,000 trout in Onaping River – by Jonathan Migneault (Sudbury Northern Life – September 03, 2015)

There were 6,000 more rainbow trout in the Onaping River on Thursday thanks to Vale’s efforts to enhance the river’s biodiversity.

The mining company’s environment team raised the fish in large tanks at its surface greenhouse in Copper Cliff and released them in a shallow part of the river in Dowling.

“Where we can, we try to protect biodiversity and enhance it where we have the opportunity,” said Glen Watson, superintendent of reclamation decommissioning for Vale’s Ontario operations.

The company has also planted milkweed on its property to help feed and harbor monarch butterflies, and has installed beehives near its slag piles to support local bee populations.

Vale worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources to determine suitable donation sites for the fish it raises.

Since 2012,Vale has released around 11,000 fish to the Onaping River and Ramsey Lake. The fish have been primarily walleye and rainbow trout along with some brook trout.

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