NEWS RELEASE: Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Approves Terms of Reference for Noront Resource’s Environmental Assessment Process

(June 19, 2015) Toronto: Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray has approved with amendments to the Terms of Reference for Noront’s proposed Eagle’s Nest multi-metal mine in the Ring of Fire.

The Terms of Reference is the first step in the company’s environmental assessment process and there is much work to be done before a decision on the project is made. It’s a work plan that outlines the types of studies and consultation Noront must undertake to demonstrate whether the proposed project can be done in a way that is protective of the environment and human health.

Some of the amendments to Noront’s Terms of Reference include ensuring potentially impacted First Nation communities can fully participate in and contribute to the company’s environmental assessment process. The amendments include:
• identifying and assessing alternative road alignments within their preferred road corridor
• providing specific opportunities for potentially impacted First Nations to fully participate in the company’s environmental assessment
• assessing impacts of aggregate extraction, and
• considering the impacts of climate change on the project and the impacts of the project on climate change.

The province and Matawa-member First Nations reached a landmark agreement to ensure First Nation communities benefit from the proposed Ring of Fire development.

Ontario is committed to continuing our efforts to work with the Matawa First Nations communities in exploring ways in which participation in the current environmental assessment process can be enhanced to better address First Nation community needs and interests.

The province supports responsible and sustainable development in the Ring of Fire that is protective of human health and the environment.

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