[Iron] Range Resiliency Tested Again: WE WILL PERSEVERE – by Bill Hanna (Mesabi Daily News – May 23, 2015)


Resilient — adjective.

1. Springing back; rebounding.

2. Recovering readily from adversity or the like.

The word resilient definitely defines a strong quality of the Iron Range, its people and our No. 1 industry of mining.

The Range has had to bounce back several times from economic difficulties associated with the ore and steel industries. And we have done so repeatedly through hard work, innovation and a never-give-up attitude.

The Range’s resiliency is now being tested once again because of a downturn in the ore and steel industries brought on in a major way by illegally subsidized steel that has flooded the U.S. market and a glut of iron ore that has lowered prices for the resource.

These certainly are some tough times for mining on the Iron Range. But, once again, the resolve of the companies and people who flip the switch of the industry to make it go will persevere.

Our MINE VII edition that will be published on Wednesday, June 24, will focus a lot of attention on the mining issues at hand.

The MINE project continues to document the people, mining companies and mining-related businesses, history and technology advances that bring to life the No. 1 industry that touches all of us in some way on the Iron Range.

MINE is a collaborative publication of the Mesabi Daily News, Hibbing Daily Tribune, Grand Rapids Herald-Review and Chisholm Tribune Press — all Adams Publishing Group newspapers.

Several stories in MINE VII will deal with the current troubles that have led to about 1,000 layoffs in mining on the Iron Range.

In addition, there will be stories to compare and contrast the historical cyclical nature of mining’s roller coaster ride of the Iron Range economy.

We will especially zero in on the mid-1980s, when the bottom fell out of the ore and steel industries, which devastated the region.

And in that regard, a story will target the Essar Steel Minnesota site at Nashwauk, where construction is at a fevered pitch and will continue that way throughout the summer as a new taconite plant is readied for operation in early 2016.

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